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Completely not getting drunk

Well... this weekend's just been a BARREL full of excitement. Friday night was Michael's bachelor party. We went to ESPN Zone. I'd never been to one before. The food was how I'd expected the food at Hard Rock Cafe to be before I went to one. Overpriced and mediocre. Some other people had worse experiences with it. Ah... but the whole point was to get Michael drunk, which I think worked well. Ryan schooled me in duckpin bowling, which he'd never played before. I started off well with a strike in the first frame, but then I utterly fell apart. It must've been performance anxiety. At least I schooled Matt in Virtua Tennis for a little while. Coleman, Ryan, and I all left around 11:00. Lord knows what happened afterwards.

Last night was the Tori show. We had a good time. The venue was actually better than I expected. When we sat down and I saw that each row of seats wasn't raised one bit over the one in front of it and the seats weren't even staggered, I started to worry. But the girl in front of me must've been blocked by someone else in front of her and she leaned out of my way quite nicely. Rufus Wainright was the opening act and he was actually really good. I'd heard good things about him before, so I'd wanted to hear him but never really made an effort to. Tori herself was in top form. She played a few covers from her latest cover album, but she played a lot of older stuff, too. And, thankfully, some really old stuff like Crucify and Baker, Baker. All in all, it was a good show and we had a good time. Though the guy next to Sarah was very jittery and was making her motion sick until she asked him to stop.

And the $20 program we bought had stuff in it written by Neil Gaiman.

Good times, good times...

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