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It saddens me that things like this continue in this world. On the one hand, it's really awful that the South Korean people don't really give Koizumi a chance. On the other, I can't believe that the Japanese people won't admit to their wartime atrocities, going so far as to print blatant falsehoods in their history texts. Now, I understand that, no matter what his position, Koizumi's hands are tied. Post-war Japanese prime ministers are a short-lived breed and it's almost certain that he'd be ousted before he even got a chance to accomplish anything. He's one of the more popular and promising prime ministers of recent years. But I doubt the older, entrenched politicians would ever allow a change, even if it meant a better relationship with Korea. I honestly can't remember what Koizumi's personal position is on the issue, but it really doesn't matter.

It really IS too bad that such things happen in the world today.

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