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Well... I know everyone in the world is talking about the events that happened today. I think all the facts we're going to know about at the moment are out there. And one thing's sickening me the most. It's all the celebrations they're occasionally showing of people in the Middle East that were happy about this. I understand that not everyone's happy with the United States. I understand that we don't always do the right thing. And I know these people have different beliefs that cause them to hate us and have kept that whole area in turmoil for decades. But it's fucking sick to celebrate large-scale slaughter of ANYbody. We weren't at war. These weren't soldiers that died. These were innocent people. These buildings were targeted specifically. How sick are you to celebrate slaughter? How can anyone feel good about that? How can anyone think they're righteous for this? This is the sickest thing I've ever witnessed... I know people over there feel strongly enough in their beliefs and their faith to keep killing to try to get what they feel is theirs by right, but this... this is just disgusting and inhuman.

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