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They use color film now?

Last night, I pulled out my old Pentax K-1000 camera. My parents got this for me for Christmas some year, I believe. Unfortunately, like a few other things I hoped I could do well and got excited about, I abandoned photography. To be truthful, though, a lot of that had to do with the cost of buying film and getting it processed. At the time, I was a poor boy who was spending what money he had on other stuff. Anyhow... I never really seemed to grasp a lot of the fundamentals of photography. Which is a very dangerous thing for me. When I learn something wrong at the beginning, it takes forever to unlearn it. I feel I have a decent eye for aesthetics, but it was the science of the thing that threw me off. It's sort of like painting and drawing is with me. I can envision the way I want something to look in my head, but there's no way in hell I can actually create it. For the most part, I tended to use the camera to just take pictures, not create art. I didn't really pay attention to what I was doing. I just fiddled with the settings until the internal light meter said everything was peachy. I often foolishly used the flash when I actually wanted the effect that the natural light was giving. I think I might give photography another go. We'll see what happens. It's not that I actually needed another expensive hobby. I just think I could enjoy it.

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