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More cheese with your whine?

Man... this is REALLY starting to get to me. Last night I get an e-mail from my mom with pictures of my niece from a recent trip my parents apparently made to visit my older brother. Now, my older brother and his family live in Baltimore, which is about an hour's drive away from here. Since I moved down here 5 years ago, my parents have visited me ONCE. Since the baby was born a year ago, they've visited my brother at LEAST a half dozen times. Not once have they suggested that we all get together. Not once have they suggested that we meet somewhere in the middle or something. I know they probably have a short amount of time. And I know I rarely visit my brother, but it always seems like when we do, they'd rather we hadn't. But these are my parents, who I only get to see once a year when I go up for Thanksgiving. It just really gets to me that they don't even consider seeing me while they're in the area.

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