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"Jinx put Max in space!"

Coming next week on DVD (unless it's delayed), an old favorite of mine... Space Camp! Back around the time the movie was made, I was really into astronomy and space stuff. Though I still have an interest in astronomy, I long ago realized that there was too much math involved and that my viewing area was rarely good enough for me to be able to make out the constellations well enough to memorize them. But back then, I just thought it was cool. :) I would've loved to go to Space Camp, but it just wasn't possible and I probably wouldn't have been any good at it. The movie's pretty cheesy, yeah, but it's a lot of fun and I still love it, even if just for the nostalgia. And besides... this is the movie that, all at once and all by its lonesome, started my teenage crushes on Kate Capshaw, Lea Thompson, AND Kelly Preston. Meow.

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