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Don't hate me

Hrmmm. Well... I know that there are some fairly legitimate reasons for Palestinians to hate us because of our role in the creation of Israel. But I honestly still don't think that that kind of hatred warrants this. How long ago did that happen? Did any of us have anything to do with it? I know they have to live with it now, but I honestly feel there's a better solution. Hatred and killing is never a good solution. I know what we went through yesterday is nothing compared to the daily killings that have gone on in the Middle East for decades. But it's still wrong. And I guess I get tired of factions hating us. I feel we're doing our best to make things better for everybody. Sometimes we screw up. Sometimes we don't do what's right for EVERYbody. That's impossible. There are those who feel we shouldn't do what we do. That we shouldn't interfere with atrocities that happen in other nations. And it seems these factions would rather we left them alone. And you know what? Maybe we should. I know we feel it's our responsibility as a powerful nation and a major power in the world community. But if they don't want us, maybe we SHOULD leave them alone. Maybe we'll see how bad things can get if we aren't there. Maybe the next time an earthquake or a major catastrophe occurs, the Red Cross just won't show up. I know that sounds cruel, but I just sometimes get sick of nations dumping on us when we really are often trying to make the world a better place. And we use our resources to try to help people, as a major power should, often at our own expense. But as time goes on, it's hard not to see some sense in the isolationist viewpoint.

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