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September 2, 2001
Wedding of love

Yesterday was Ryan and Huyen's wedding. It was truly a beautiful day and I'm happy everything seemed to go off perfectly for them. The weather decided to cooperate and we had beautiful sunny skies for most of the day. Earlier in the week, rain had been called for for Saturday, but by the end of the week, they were calling for partly cloudy skies. The church was very nice. I'm not a religious individual by any means, but I appreciate nice architecture and art. It didn't look like much from what I got to see of the outside, but the inside was really very nice. The ceremony was nice as well, though... I felt a bit uncomfortable. But I always do at religious ceremonies. And this was one where the congregation was supposed to respond. I didn't respond most of the time. I felt like it'd be more disrespectful for me to say something that I didn't believe in. So I felt a little uncomfortable. But it was Ryan and Huyen's day and I was just happy to be able to witness their wedding. Huyen looked beauiful in her dress. The whole wedding party looked really nice, actually. And then the reception at the magnificent Thomas Birkby House. Wow. This place was amazing. I couldn't believe it was right there in Leesburg. The house was just gorgeous and the outside was setup just right. And I don't think they could've asked for more cooperative weather. The place just looked amazing as dusk approached and then there was a bright full moon in the sky. I really don't think they could've begged for a better day. Thanks, you two, for letting me and Sarah be a part of it.

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September 4, 2001
Me rite good won day

Looking over what I've written here on this blog so far, I've noticed that my writing skills have suffered tremendously since I stopped having to write things. I don't even seem to be able to keep a coherent train of thought going. This makes me unhappy. I'll have to do something about this.

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This is somewhat related to some comments I made in the entry about Ryan's wedding. I've always had a difficult time explaining my feelings on religion and such. I consider myself an agnostic and I could just leave it at that. When I was growing up, I went to Sunday school for a while. I don't remember when and why we stopped going. I remember being christened. I know little enough about the various denominations of Western religions and the differences between them. I know next to nothing about Eastern religions. So perhaps it may seem I've made an uninformed decision. I don't think I need to know all of the other choices to choose this. I daresay most other people don't study up on religion before they choose their beliefs. I think I've created reasons for why I feel the way I do to try to explain things. Like the fact that so many evils have been done in a deity's name. Or that the reasons for committing horrid atrocities are explained through one person's interpretation of a religious text. But I know that people will do what they want to do. Without religion, something else would've evolved to serve these purposes. Land disputes would escalate without religious backing. Genocide would be attempted by manufacturing some other reason that a race is wicked and evil. People will make excuses for doing the worst things in the universe. This just makes it easier. I know that some people need for there to be a God and a Heaven. It's too hard to face the idea that once we die, that's the end of us. It's difficult to deal with the thought that horrible things don't happen because of some grand plan. It seems just as difficult for some to believe that horrible things DO happen because of some grand plan. I'd like to think that human beings could be kind to each other because they want to be. That people can behave and not hurt each other because it's the right thing to do, not because they're following rules or because not doing so is a sin. I'd like to think I could have faith in human beings. I know that's an ideal and possibly a foolish one. I don't know whether the world could exist as it is today without religion. I don't know if we would've survived. I don't know if we'd be better off without it. I just know that I am. I may not be the happiest person in the universe, but I believe that only I and other people can do anything about that. And you know what? I think it's fine if other people believe differently. As long as they don't try to foist it on me, that's just great. Whatever makes you happy is all that's important, as long as you don't ruin other people's happiness. And... uh... that's about it for me. :) For now. Muahaha...

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September 5, 2001
Slave to love

I must be some kind of twisted moron. I seem to refuse to take days off. Unless I'm sick as a dog, I'll go to work. The last time I took any time off was when I went home for lunch and I felt nauseous and exhausted, so I didn't go back to work and slept for the entire afternoon and into the evening. It's not like I'm a super-important cog in the machinery known as Cigital. I have almost 5 work weeks of vacation stored up. Yet I'll refuse to just take a day off, even if the weather's gorgeous. Even if I've got time to plan ahead for it, it'll take a lot of coaxing to get me to do it. I'm not sure if I'm, like, afraid that I'll look like a giant slacker for actually taking some time off or what. It's freaky. It'd make you think I love my job and want to father its children. Which I don't.

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I had a messed-up dream this morning. I can't quite tell if I was lucid dreaming or if the whole thing started as a dream and ended up just drifting into my imagination. I was back in high school. Except it looked sort of more like my college. But not quite like that, either. Maybe it was some kind of amalgam. For some reason, all the guys ended up in this big laundry room or something and we were all naked. We had to go through school naked until we found our lockers or something. I went to go find mine and all sorts of weird stuff happened. I walked by the cafeteria and everyone was naked. I ended up in the mail room at my college and found a piece of paper that had my locker number on it. So I went to find it and no one was around. Then I finally found it and opened it up and everyone in the entire school was suddenly there and they were all pointing at me, laughing. I forget if they were still naked. I'm not utterly sure if this is all that happened in the dream. I have a hard time remembering details and events and I never write anything down. But the dream was similar. Weird weird weird.

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September 6, 2001
I have trophies. Honest!

Back when I was a kid, I was a pretty good bowler. I don't really recall HOW good, but I know I was pretty good. I got all sorts of patches and pins and trophies. It was the only game I was even remotely decent at. I sucked at soccer when I played for a year. I never even dreamed of trying out for baseball or basketball. Being a geek, I was uncoordinated. It was unavoidable. Back then, I was in a bowling league. So I played every Saturday morning. Sometimes on Sunday nights for a while, too. There were bowling banquets every year where I actually won things and everything. I've never been great at keeping my wrist straight. But I compensated for the most part and I was really rather good. Today, I'm not. Sarah and I went bowling tonight. I always have a hard time finding a decent ball at a bowling alley. I think I need a good 12 pounder. 14's still a little too heavy for my weak wrist and fingers. I won't even consider a 16. But all of the 12s and even most of the 14s have finger holes that are way too small for my thick fingers. So I lose quite a bit of control that way. Back in the day, I had my own ball. A firey blue 10 pound baby fitted to my fingers. Yummy. Tonight I started out with a 15 pound behemoth with slightly small finger holes. I searched around after the first game and a half and found a 14 pounder that had finger holes that were a bit too big but not all that bad. I bowled a 109 the first game. Not too too bad for not having bowled in a year. And then only 3 games with my brothers. Next game I got a 121. I was improving. Then I bowled a 106. Yucky. We gave up after that. It was late and we were tired and my fingers were getting sore. I feel I could do better with a ball better suited to me. My play was erratic. Sometimes I could chuck the thing right down the middle, sometimes I'd end up tossing it way off to the right. Ah well... Sarah told me it was O.K. to say what she got, too, so... she got a 68, a 59, and a 57. Of course, she said she could count on her fingers how many times she's been in a bowling alley, so she's got more of an excuse than I do. :) And she giggled as she threw gutter balls, and that's all that really matters, isn't it?

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September 7, 2001

My hand still hurts from bowling last night. Just right between my thumb and forefinger. Ouchies. And I got spaghetti sauce on my shirt today at Olive Garden. Just a little bit, but I KNOW it's there, so it's driving me nuts.

Sarah and I are planning to go to The Maize in Leesburg this weekend. It seems like a really bizarre thing, but it should be fun. Fun fun fun!

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September 9, 2001
Run away!

It seems like I've been remembering a lot more of my dreams lately. The ones I remember tend to be ones I'm having right before I wake up in the morning. On Saturday morning, I had an odd one that had Ryan in it. Sarah and I were in our car and we were chasing Ryan, who was also in his car. The roads were lined with parked cars and sometimes there were some right in the middle of the street. Or there was other stuff in the middle of the street. It was a pretty treacherous chase. Anyhow... at some point, Ryan was suddenly on a bicycle. I remember that in my dream, I tried to remember exactly when Ryan had stopped and gotten on a bike, but I couldn't. We kept chasing him, but he seemed faster than ever. He kept waiting for us at the top of a hill. Or riding backwards, taunting us. For some reason, his bike was a LOT faster than our car. I don't think we caught him before I woke up. Very odd. And Ryan actually looked like Ryan in my dream. As did our car and Ryan's car. Things and people usually don't look like themselves in my dreams. Freaky.

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September 10, 2001
Baby, I'm a dreamer

I had a couple other weird dreams on Sunday morning. I know this is starting to sound like a dream blog or something, but oh well. In the first one, Sarah and I were with celebrities or something somewhere and I kept taking pictures. Sarah commented that it was great that I was getting all these pictures when I suddenly realized I was using a manual focus camera and I had just been doing the point 'n' shoot thing. Ack. In the other one, my dad and I were at the Academy Awards. Except they were being held in a college lecture hall. The long tables were replaced with round white ones. I believe it was Kevin Bacon who was MCing. Someone famous was next to me, but I forget who it was. They had no idea who I was. I was up for best supporting actor, I think. I saw dinner go by the door. It was these HUGE salmon filets in even bigger roasting pans with some kind of buttery orange colored sauce. Kevin Bacon ran out and started serving dinner to everyone. He served most of the audience first, then went back out and I wondered where he went since I was hungry. He came back and got the rest of us afterwards. I wondered why he was serving dinner then, but I figured it must've been a commercial break. Then I woke up. Fun stuff. :)

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September 11, 2001
Freakin' blogger

Blah. Blogger's being a pain and not allowing me to fix the problems in my template. I try to save the changes I make and it doesn't save at all. Ah well... I'll fix them eventually.

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I will punish YOU.

I had another freaky dream this morning. I can't remember exactly what happened in the beginning, but in the part I remember, it was pretty dark out. This woman and I were eating dinner and we were really scared. I think some bad men threatened us at the beginning of the dream. We were watching TV and the reporter said something about Frank Castle. I was, like, "Oh my God... Frank Castle's The Punisher! His wife and baby daughter were KILLED." Apparently, I was the baby daughter, since Sylvester Stallone suddenly came out, dressed in a Punisher uniform. Yes, I know... Sly didn't play The Punisher. So I ran around my parent's house (I'm not sure why I was living there) and placed my plate of food on the ground, though I was worried about dogs getting into it. And then it ended. I'm not sure why I was The Punisher's baby daughter. And I'm not even sure if that's what happened to The Punisher's family or if he even HAD a daughter. But anyhow... dreams are like that.

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Well... I know everyone in the world is talking about the events that happened today. I think all the facts we're going to know about at the moment are out there. And one thing's sickening me the most. It's all the celebrations they're occasionally showing of people in the Middle East that were happy about this. I understand that not everyone's happy with the United States. I understand that we don't always do the right thing. And I know these people have different beliefs that cause them to hate us and have kept that whole area in turmoil for decades. But it's fucking sick to celebrate large-scale slaughter of ANYbody. We weren't at war. These weren't soldiers that died. These were innocent people. These buildings were targeted specifically. How sick are you to celebrate slaughter? How can anyone feel good about that? How can anyone think they're righteous for this? This is the sickest thing I've ever witnessed... I know people over there feel strongly enough in their beliefs and their faith to keep killing to try to get what they feel is theirs by right, but this... this is just disgusting and inhuman.

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September 12, 2001
I can't believe some people...

Blah. Blogger ate my last post somehow. Oh well... I'll write it again when I remember what I said. But I've heard from some people that there are those who are attacking and threatening innocent people just because they're of Arab descent. That's just wrong and ridiculous. I know people feel impotent right now and they want to take it out on somebody, but don't. These people had nothing to do with it. It's just stupid. And it's disrespectful in light of this tragedy to be inflicting violence upon other innocent people. Beating people up doesn't help.

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Don't hate me

Hrmmm. Well... I know that there are some fairly legitimate reasons for Palestinians to hate us because of our role in the creation of Israel. But I honestly still don't think that that kind of hatred warrants this. How long ago did that happen? Did any of us have anything to do with it? I know they have to live with it now, but I honestly feel there's a better solution. Hatred and killing is never a good solution. I know what we went through yesterday is nothing compared to the daily killings that have gone on in the Middle East for decades. But it's still wrong. And I guess I get tired of factions hating us. I feel we're doing our best to make things better for everybody. Sometimes we screw up. Sometimes we don't do what's right for EVERYbody. That's impossible. There are those who feel we shouldn't do what we do. That we shouldn't interfere with atrocities that happen in other nations. And it seems these factions would rather we left them alone. And you know what? Maybe we should. I know we feel it's our responsibility as a powerful nation and a major power in the world community. But if they don't want us, maybe we SHOULD leave them alone. Maybe we'll see how bad things can get if we aren't there. Maybe the next time an earthquake or a major catastrophe occurs, the Red Cross just won't show up. I know that sounds cruel, but I just sometimes get sick of nations dumping on us when we really are often trying to make the world a better place. And we use our resources to try to help people, as a major power should, often at our own expense. But as time goes on, it's hard not to see some sense in the isolationist viewpoint.

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September 13, 2001
An empty page

I often wish that I could get myself to try to write again. I haven't really written any substantial piece of fiction for a long long time. It really was something I enjoyed. But I guess I just got disappointed in what I produced and got incredibly frustrated by my inabilities. I know I have some basic weaknesses when it comes to writing. Some of these are things I don't think I can overcome. I know I have a problem holding something complex in my head at one time. I can write little scenes and such, but I can't put them into a coherent story. Nothing of any length, at least. It's really frustrating, since it's something I enjoy, but I can't get myself motivated to do it. Blah. Oh well. At least there's my incredibly popular blog. ;)

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Stupid kids

Jesus. My younger brother, who just started working as a teacher this year, just told me that there was a bomb threat called into his school today. The police traced it to a payphone right outside the school auditorium. I can't believe that even a high school kid could be stupid enough to do something like that right now. Really. I can't even begin to express how many kinds of wrong that is. My brother told me the kid who did it would face expulsion and jail time. I really hope he or she is caught.

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September 14, 2001
Ministry of Misinformation

There's one thing that's struck me as somewhat interesting. There's been a LOT of misinformation and rumors being reported by various news agencies. I remember not too long ago, there were a lot of complaints about this sort of thing. How technology had made it possible for news agencies to report stories as they were occurring. But they also weren't checking the facts in the rush to get things on the air or on the net. I don't think anyone's complaining now. It seems right now that everyone is hungry for any kind of information, whether it's true or false. I've actually preferred the live coverage, really, in this situation. Most of the produced news stories I've started to see have been melodramatic and scripted, some rather fake and disrespectful. Even if the as-it-happens stuff ends up giving me false information; even if it means that Tom Brokaw or Peter Jennings will ask someone to clarify something that they just explained simply and in plain English; I've still preferred that in this situation.

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Sarah never used to watch the news at all. She said there were things she'd rather not know. That she'd rather remain ignorant of what was going on in the world if it meant she didn't have to hear stories of babies being left in cars in August and innocent people being murdered. But she's been watching it more than I have lately. On Tuesday, she started watching when I came home around 11:15am and didn't stop until 2:30am the next day. The last few days, I think the repetitiveness has gotten to her somewhat, but she's still watching a lot. The car radio's been tuned to NPR since Wednesday. We never listen to NPR. It's interesting that a tragedy worse than any she'd been avoiding has forced the news media into her life.

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Fight the real enemy

I'm sure that a lot of teachers want things to get back to normal. My younger brother, John, keeps saying as much. But as long as the kids have questions, I think it's important to continue answering them. John teaches high school and he's mentioned that a lot of the kids are confused and just need to know things. It's good to see our children actually wanting to learn. And it's good to hear that teachers have been trying to teach the kids to not let their emotions be misdirected. To teach them that the innocent Muslims in our country aren't our enemy. He has a unique opportunity to put this in a historical perspective and hopefully guide these children to a better understanding. That kind of lesson is far more important today than anything else.

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September 17, 2001
Welcome to ye olde shoppe

This weekend, Sarah and I went to the Maryland Renaissance Festival, since the weather was so absolutely gorgeous. There were a ton of people there. More than I think we'd ever seen before. I was actually rather surprised at this. But it was a good thing. It was good for all of us to get away from our TVs. It looked like there was a little extra security there, but I can't be sure. Maybe I was just looking for it more. I guess any large gathering of people is a target for terror. We had a really good time, though. The Rogues, a pipe and drum band that we've seen many times there, did a special ceremony in honor of the victims. I don't think I've ever heard people cheer so loudly.

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I am a freak of nature

One thing that's always bothered me and makes me wonder about myself is that I don't seem to react the way I think I should when certain things happen. When older relatives die, even if I'd seen them many times, I don't cry. I think the only thing that brought me close to tears was seeing my mother crying when her father died. And now I keep reading about people who are moved to tears because of the tragedy of last week. People who still can't stop crying when they see things about it on the news. Sarah cried hard when she first saw what happened on the news and heard the details. She's still affected by it. She's spooked by noises in the night more than ever. When a truck goes by outside our window in the morning, she wakes with a start. When a plane flies overhead, she tenses. I got angry, but not overly sad. I started to think, not to cry. It was sad, but I wasn't saddened as much as I should've been. Seeing others cry affected me more than knowing what happened. Maybe it just doesn't seem real to me. Maybe I can't make my brain understand that it really happened, so I should be upset about it. I honestly don't know. It makes me wonder what it'd take to move me. What has to happen to make me feel that kind of sorrow? I hope that I'm not truly that callous.

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September 18, 2001
"Jinx put Max in space!"

Coming next week on DVD (unless it's delayed), an old favorite of mine... Space Camp! Back around the time the movie was made, I was really into astronomy and space stuff. Though I still have an interest in astronomy, I long ago realized that there was too much math involved and that my viewing area was rarely good enough for me to be able to make out the constellations well enough to memorize them. But back then, I just thought it was cool. :) I would've loved to go to Space Camp, but it just wasn't possible and I probably wouldn't have been any good at it. The movie's pretty cheesy, yeah, but it's a lot of fun and I still love it, even if just for the nostalgia. And besides... this is the movie that, all at once and all by its lonesome, started my teenage crushes on Kate Capshaw, Lea Thompson, AND Kelly Preston. Meow.

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September 19, 2001

Sex. There. That'll get me some more hits.

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They use color film now?

Last night, I pulled out my old Pentax K-1000 camera. My parents got this for me for Christmas some year, I believe. Unfortunately, like a few other things I hoped I could do well and got excited about, I abandoned photography. To be truthful, though, a lot of that had to do with the cost of buying film and getting it processed. At the time, I was a poor boy who was spending what money he had on other stuff. Anyhow... I never really seemed to grasp a lot of the fundamentals of photography. Which is a very dangerous thing for me. When I learn something wrong at the beginning, it takes forever to unlearn it. I feel I have a decent eye for aesthetics, but it was the science of the thing that threw me off. It's sort of like painting and drawing is with me. I can envision the way I want something to look in my head, but there's no way in hell I can actually create it. For the most part, I tended to use the camera to just take pictures, not create art. I didn't really pay attention to what I was doing. I just fiddled with the settings until the internal light meter said everything was peachy. I often foolishly used the flash when I actually wanted the effect that the natural light was giving. I think I might give photography another go. We'll see what happens. It's not that I actually needed another expensive hobby. I just think I could enjoy it.

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September 20, 2001
Well, except maybe a fisheye...

Well, after asking for advice on good ol' Usenet, I think I've decided to just stick with the camera lenses I have for now and see what I can do with them. I'll probably just stick with the fixed 50mm lens I've got instead of using the zoom, since I'm sure that's a much better way to learn photography. I do already know SOME stuff, but there's a lot more I need to know. Maybe I'll even buy some black and white film and get all artsy. Of course, it'd be a lot more fun if I had the space and equipment to process the film myself, but oh well.

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Teach me, dammit!

I'm left wondering why the local branch of the local community college doesn't have any classes I want to take. Why aren't they catering to me and my interests? What's sad is that other branches actually DO have classes I want to take, but they're a bit too far away for me to drive to as often as I'd have to. Community colleges aren't wonderful, but they're a lot cheaper than real ones. I just want to take photography and Japanese classes, dammit!

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September 21, 2001
Live to rant another day...

Blah. I just got a DVD in the mail. The hub holding the DVD down was completely destroyed. It almost looks like this DVD was returned, re-shrink-wrapped, then sent to me or something. Though I'd think they would've removed the bits of the hub if they'd really done this. There were two security strips under the DVD, holding the DVD up so it didn't scrape against the bottom so much. And the title sticker that's usually on top of the case, holding it closed, was absent. It looks like the scratches are only superficial, so the DVD will hopefully play fine. I'm getting tired of this, though. I've gotten far too many DVDs where the disc has slipped off the hub somehow. I don't know why they couldn't just stick with the CD hub mechanism, since I've had this happen to far fewer CDs. Oh well... I guess that's my rant for the day.

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September 24, 2001
Holiday snaps

Bought some black and white film this weekend. Awwwww yeah. Now all I need is to get some batteries for the light meter in my camera and I'll be all ready to become photo boy. I was thinking of taking the day off and going into the inner harbor in Baltimore on Friday, so that might be a good opportunity to snap some pictures. Or maybe not. The camera's a bit bulky and we often seem to park fairly far from where we're going. We'll see.

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Rummaging through the bushes

Sarah and I went to a rummage sale on Saturday. Unfortunately, we realized too late that the first day of the sale had been on Friday. I think Sarah would've found more stuff if we'd gotten there on the first day. She's a rummage sale veteran. I just thought it was fun because you could buy a bag for $2 and fill it with as many books as you could fit in there, which is quite a lot of books for a very low price. I also liked seeing all the old computer stuff and electronics gear. 8 track players, an ancient laserdisc players, old Polaroid cameras... it was groovy.

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September 25, 2001
You're 18, right?

It's amazing how horrible I am at guessing people's ages. I mean... back when I was in school, it was a lot easier to at least know a range. I couldn't tell a freshman from a junior too well, but it didn't really matter then. Older people could be 30 or 40 or 50 or whatever. Now it seems even worse. Any young girl could be between 12 and 19. People I work with who look young to me can sometimes be 10 years older than me. I think I must just not look for the telltale signs of age. Or maybe it's because pretty much most of the people I meet act like they're 12.

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September 26, 2001
More cheese with your whine?

Man... this is REALLY starting to get to me. Last night I get an e-mail from my mom with pictures of my niece from a recent trip my parents apparently made to visit my older brother. Now, my older brother and his family live in Baltimore, which is about an hour's drive away from here. Since I moved down here 5 years ago, my parents have visited me ONCE. Since the baby was born a year ago, they've visited my brother at LEAST a half dozen times. Not once have they suggested that we all get together. Not once have they suggested that we meet somewhere in the middle or something. I know they probably have a short amount of time. And I know I rarely visit my brother, but it always seems like when we do, they'd rather we hadn't. But these are my parents, who I only get to see once a year when I go up for Thanksgiving. It just really gets to me that they don't even consider seeing me while they're in the area.

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Han? Leia?

Woah. I had a really odd dream this morning. I don't remember some important parts of it, but a few people from work showed up. I won't try to work out everything that was going on, but it was odd. At one point, I became Luke Skywalker and these two people from work, Michael and Jennifer, became Han Solo and Princess Leia. I believe we were all wearing outfits from Empire Strikes Back, though I think Jennifer was wearing Leia's Hoth outfit and I was wearing Luke's Bespin outfit. We were at my high school at that point, in a computer lab. When Michael/Han arrived, I was actually sitting at the computer, writing the dream as it happened. I didn't want him to see what I was writing. The computer was a pretty old machine (I can't remember if they were TRS-80s or the old PCs I'd used in high school), but it was running new software and had a color monitor. Before the dream ended, there was also some alert that the Empire was attacking. There was some stuff that happened before that, but it was a lot more muddy in my mind. Dreams are FUN!

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September 27, 2001
Day off for good behavior

I'm taking tomorrow off to spend the day with Sarah. We usually only have the weekends together when everyone else has work off, so it'll be nice to have it not be so crowded everywhere we go. We plan to spend the day at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore. We're gonna try to take a tall ship cruise around the harbor and hit the aquarium. I haven't been to an aquarium in AGES. The only time I remember going to a real aquarium was taking a field trip to the New England Aquarium when I was in school. It'll be cool and it'll be nice to have a day off for something other than holiday travel or sickness.

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I suck at HTML

It's really a good thing that blogger does so much work for me. I really just don't have the patience for HTML and mapping out the page. My homepage was done with Geocities' graphical page editor and the code is just atrocious. I think it'd probably work pretty well with a fairly simple table, but this thing created cells ALL over the place. It makes it next to impossible to make simple changes and the graphical editor screws things up so I have to do a lot of stuff over again. Also, my page doesn't look right in some browsers. One of these days, I'll have to fix my pages or get someone who has a clue to do it. Until then, my deepest apologies. And thank you, blogger!

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